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Li Ying Home and Kitchen

Zhongjing Lihan Trading FZCO, which was established in 2004, operating Li Ying Store with four (4) branches in Dubai, UAE and two (2) branches in Dragon City, Diyar Al Muharraq, Bahrain.

Showcasing finest and elegant Home and Kitchen Essentials, which having a wide range of Cooking Tools in Granite and Stainless Steel, Pyrex Glassware and Double Wall Glass Drinkware, Dinnerware and Serveware, Ceramic, Porcelain and Wood, Utility and Kitchen Gadgets both manual and Electronic Cooking Machine, Baking Tools, Silicon and Tin, Stainless Steel Cutlery, Flatware and electronic food preparation cookers.

Employs a total of 30 hard working staff, for Retail In-Store and E-Commerce Online-Store.

Li Ying Shops aim to bring all the most elegant and best products Home and Kitchen through functionality and effectiveness.

Catering most of the needs of the Arab Nationals as well as the wide volume of mixed Nationals Tourists in the Country.

Our shops offer inspired living and uptown lifestyle through high quality products and
timeless design especially Arabic approach. We assure to bring and have all the elegance that Arab nation could visualize the beauty of catering their guests in any occasions.

We are powered by digital design and visualization tools that provide solution for
our customer both in-store and on-line.

With a determination to keep on a good market stand, showcasing our stores on an
informative way, participate online community, and engage with our customer’s
through our website store, social media, online marketplace and mobile shopping.

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