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Granite Canister Jars, 8-Piece Set, Home & Kitchen Utensils Stoneware Food Beverage Preserving Containers for Coffee, Sugar, Tea, and Spices, with Metal Stand Organizer Kitchen Space Saver



A unique design to add to your Kitchen with durable Granite Canisters and Spice Jars.

3 Large Canisters are Great for coffee, sugar, and tea 4 Smaller jars are great for all of your cooking spices.

Complete with metal counter stand and organiser

Excellent addition in your urban kitchen space

Boasts a sophisticated profile that exudes elegance

Practical make for everyday use

Premium-grade materials grant it exceptional durability

Material: Granite

Closure Type: Lid

Product Length: 21 cm

Product Height: 37 cm

Product Width/Depth: 15 cm

Number of Pieces : 8

Set Includes :  7 x Jars with Lids, Stand

Product Features 1  : Dishwasher Safe

Product Features 2  : Non Disposable

Available Colors: Pink, Gray and Black



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