Best Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher. 2.5 Quart (2.36 Liters)

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Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher

Best Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher. 2.5 Quart (2.36 Liters). Best For Infused Lemon, Fruit, Herbs Or Tea Beverages. Shatterproof Unbreakable Acrylic Glass. Includes Ice and Fruits Core

  • MAKE HEALTHY & REFRESHING FRUIT INFUSED beverages with this cute and lovely 2.5 quart / 2.36 liters fruit infuser jug / pitcher.
  • ENJOY AND STAY HYDRATED. Now you and your family can enjoy and stay hydrated without the high calorie sugary drinks.
  • ELEGANT CRYSTAL CLEAR BPA-FREE ACRYLIC PITCHER. Carry and use anywhere without worrying of breakage. Powered with removable hollow, fruit core that could be filled with fruit, vegetables and herbs or even ice mold. The hollow rod has open slots which allow the flavors to infuse with water.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. Normal hand wash with soft cleaning sponge then dry before store


Dimensions: Height 27.0 x Width 11.00 x Length 14.00 centimeter

Weight: approx. 500 grams

Material: Food Grade BPA Free Acrylic

Color: Clear / Transparent

Set includes: Pitcher, Lid, Infuser Core

Enjoy cold beverages without worrying sugar spike and added artificial flavors to serve with your family breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. Just grab your pitcher and enjoy all the flavors of fruit you want!

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