Egg Slicer to the Rescue!

Egg Cutter1

Egg slicer that cut perfectly, smoothly and instantly in a minute!

The simple kitchen gadget that can rescue and slice all the way more than just egg.

You can simply pull-out your egg slicer and do the job effortless.

Cut eggs into uniform slices and other vegetables for your sandwiches and salads.

Made of high quality food grade material with cutting wires that easily slice boiled eggs, kiwi, strawberry, mushrooms, onions, olives, cheese, butter, garlic, and more. Just put the egg or anything on the slicer and snap the flipper.

Handy and easy to use.

It can be folded easily to swak in your bag.

Sleek and stylish.

Add beauty and attractive shape to your dishes.

The egg slicer is your weapon of choice for slicing beautiful, picture-perfect vegetable salad, and pizza toppings to serve your family and guest.

Happy slicing!

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